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February Boston Tech Poetics

Presenting a talk from: Brian Kane

Brian Kane was born in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1965 and currently lives and works in Cambridge, MA. He received a BFA in Painting from RISD in 1987, where he also teaches. His sculpture, interactive, and video work has shown in many museum and gallery exhibitions, and Kane’s pioneering real time video sampling techniques was influential to a generation of media artists. He was a founding member of the video art group EBN, and a primary collaborator with and Amorphic Robot Works.

Past Events

12/14/2016 - NAPA & Stefania Druga

December 2016 Boston Tech Poetics with NAPA New American Public Art

New American Public Art is changing the way public art is created, enjoyed, and critiqued. Drawing on sociology, urban design, and user experience, NAPA combines open source technology and industrial materials to create robust and responsive installations. The outdoor public realm is a harsh environment in many ways. Learn how NAPA uses code, engineering, and modern fabrication techniques to bring ideas off the table and into the streets.

Stefania Druga Stefania on Hackidemia

11/19/2016 - Tech Poetics & Hacking Arts Tech Expo

November 2016 Boston Tech Poetics and Hacking Arts Tech Expo

9/22/2016 - Wonyoung So & Nan-Wei Gong

September 2016 Boston Tech Poetics Meetup Wonyoung So

Wonyoung So is a data visualization designer that specializes in combining computational analysis and narratives, in particular, network visualization and mapping the invisible. Wonyoung is also interested in developing (creative) systems. He is a data visualization specialist at SENSEable City Laboratory at MIT and his work has been recognized and exhibited by Adobe and Lift Conference, among others.

Nan-Wei Gong

Dr. Nan-Wei Gong is the founder and CEO of Circular2, and a research affiliate of the MIT Media Lab. Her primary research interest is in digital interfaces that seamlessly integrate into everyday objects. Her past work includes flexible and customizable printed sensing surfaces for gestural control, time-of-flight modules for 3D gesture tracking, and wearable sensing for dynamic management of ubiquitous media. At MIT, Nan-Wei was an Energy Fellow, and has extensive experience developing low-power sensing systems and wearable electronics. She holds a PhD and MS degree in Media Arts and Sciences from the MIT Media Lab, where she worked in the Responsive Environments Group under Prof. Joseph A. Paradiso.

8/12/2016 - Boston Tech Poetics Retreat

Boston Tech Poetics Retreat First Annual Boston Tech Poetics Retreat

In August, Boston Tech Poetics invited 16 artists and creators to Ringe, NH to unplug and explore some of the topics covered in prior tech poetics meetings in a natural surrounding. Three workshops were held focused on the topic of "Digital to Analog". Kawandeep Virdee led a workshop on pattern drawing in nature. Adam Ribaudo led a workshop on digital music production with analog instruments. Rosa Weinberg and Sadiya Akasha led a workshop on programming with human looms.

5/19/2016 - Kawandeep Virdee & Rosa Weinberg/Laura Zittrain

May 2016 Boston Tech Poetics Meetup Kawandeep Virdee

Kawandeep moved from the html canvas to the IRL canvas for a recent set of large scale drawings, currently on view at OPEN in the Active Fields show. The drawings are inspired by minimal computer art and geometric repetition. He'll share some background on the development of the show, and give a tour of the works- highlighting aspects of the transition from digital to physical works, as well as themes and suprises that arose in the series of large-scale pattern paintings.

Laura Zittrain Rosa Weinberg

Laura and Rosa are collaborators whose practice explores the embodied senses, perception, and calm technologies. Their latest project, the Stethosuit, is a wearable bodice that acts as a sonic portal between the inner universe of our bodies and the outer universe of the cosmos. The bleeps, bloops, and rhythms of our breath, stomach, and heart synchronize with the bleeps, bloops, and beats of pulsars, flares, and orbits. Rosa is a maker, educator, and architect who teaches at NuVu and maintains a private label piñata service. Laura is a designer and independent curator who also runs a personal styling practice, Hack the Dress Code.

4/27/2016 - Amedeo Mapelli & Ani Liu

Amedeo Mapelli

Amedeo is a Boston based software engineer and the creator of Simmetri, an engine and application designed for creating interactive art and 3D experiences for screens, projections and virtual reality. His talk will comprise of an intro followed by a live demo where we'll build an interactive show together (with suggestions welcomed!) to see how its editing environment works.

Ani Liu

Ani is an artist, designer, and speculative technologist currently conducting research in the Design Fiction group at MIT Media Lab. Her work deals with the intersection between technology, the mediated body, culture & the sensorium. Through engineering "cultural prosthetics," Ani's work employs the language and tools of design to pose questions, reveal embedded assumptions about our world, and to inspire us to imagine possible futures.

3/24/2016 - Victoria Shen & Nick Chelyapov

March 2016 Boston Tech Poetics Meetup Victoria Shen

Victoria is a Somerville-based multimedia artist and musician whose work is positioned at the intersection of art history, pop culture, and identity politics. She constructs interactive video/sound installations which layer and saturate appropriated media to produce new critical readings. Through a process of visual exaggeration and effacement, her video work holds up a mirror to the absurd side of images we consume. Shen's talk will discuss the strained yet harmonious relationship between art and technology within her own practice and the way technology reproduces our sexual and violent fantasies.

Nick Chelyapov

Nick is the founder of Curious Sound Objects, an outlet for the various interactive sound forms coming out of Cambridge and Somerville in Massachusetts. Nick will present about the objects he's constructed as well as the community he's created.

2/25/2016 - Joelle Bitton & Matt Tytel

Joelle Bitton

Joelle Bitton @Boston Tech Poetics from Joelle Bitton on Vimeo.

Joelle is an artist, designer and HCI researcher, currently enrolled as a DDes candidate at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. For her presentation, "Living in the Material World", she has this to say: "I look at personal data and digital fabrication and I see creative opportunities arising. I’m proposing to use human-based data as parameters for CNC-machining. Twipology and Rabota are two recent projects that suggest that digital fabrication can be unprecise, slow, non-linear but... on purpose. Overall, the point is to establish a daily relationship with technology that is intimate and disruptive at the same time."

Matthew Tytel

Matt is a music and virtual reality software developer. He is a former Leap Motion employee where he created interactive physics toys ranging from centipedes, to pluckable flowers. In his presentation titled "Playful Physics Toys - in 3D!", Matt will go through the long term process of developing interactive physical objects that started with simple blocks and ended with constructing dance robots.

1/20/2016 - Eitan Mendelowitz & Saba Ghole

January 2016 Tech Poetics Meetup Eitan Mendelowitz

Eitan is an Assistant Professor of Computing and the Arts at Smith College where his creative research and art production inform his teaching of algorithmic art and computer science. As a recent transplant to the Boston area, I'm excited to introduce him to the community. Eitan will be giving us a tour of his work with: Lessons learned in 18 years of creating interactive installations.

Saba Ghole Co-founder NuVu Studio

Saba is an artist, designer and entrepreneur. Her latest project, Pulse and Bloom, is an interactive and social art installation that visualizes participants’ heartbeats, and invites people to share and sync their heartbeats in a rhythmic pattern. Pulse and Bloom is one of the largest biofeedback installations of its kind, allowing a group of 40 people to visualize their heartbeats simultaneously. Pulse and Bloom received the Burning Man Honorarium Art Grant in 2014. After its premier at the Burning Man Festival in Black Rock City, Nevada, Pulse and Bloom began a world tour, bringing the installation to festivals and galleries across three continents. In her talk, Saba will discuss the process of designing and building an interactive art piece of this nature, and the multidisciplinary team that spans across multiple cities (Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Bangalore, and London).

12/17/2015 - Jonathan Bobrow & Dana Busch

October 2015 Demo Night Jonathan Bobrow Automatiles

Jonathan Bobrow is a research assistant at the MIT Media Lab's Playful Systems Group. He's the mind behind Automatiles and will be speaking about Systems Tinkering: "The spaces with which we think are largely shaped by the tools and toys we are exposed to or the kind of coordinate systems we play in. We will explore my work and process of inventing new ways of playing with alternate geometries and complex systems, and the happy accidents that have guided my design and development along the way."

Dana Busch

Dana Busch's work focuses on sustainability, urban planning, public health, and community/design partnerships. Her most recent collaboration, Tidraphone, was on display in Fort Point through the Fall. Dana will be talking about the concept, the process, and what it's like to work with the City of Boston on a semi-permanent interactive piece on a public bridge over Coast Guard waters.

10/28/2015 - 3rd Annual Demo Night

In October, we held our 3rd annual demo night at the Piper auditorium in Harvard's Graduate School of Design. We had a strong showing of about 25 artists and makers who presented their work to about 150 attendees.

7/29/2015 - Eyeo & OpenVis Conf Recaps

July 2015 Meeting

In July we heard presentations from Irene Ros talking about her work with Open Vis Conf as well as Sands Fish, Emily Garfield, Kawandeep Virdee and others talking about their Eyeo 2015 stories.

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